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Chess: A Game of Unyielding Strategy and Wit in 2023


Chess is a game that transcends mere entertainment; it is a timeless battle of wits, strategy, and intellect. Originating over a thousand years ago, this age-old game has captured the hearts and minds of individuals across the globe. In this article, we will delve into the world of chess, exploring its rich history, the intricacies of its rules, and the mental acumen required to excel in this captivating pastime. Whether you’re a seasoned grandmaster or just beginning your journey into the world of chess, join us as we uncover the profound depths and enduring appeal of this remarkable game.



Setting Up the Chessboard

Chessboard Layout:

Place the chessboard between the two players so that each player has a white square in the right-hand corner closest to them.

Arranging the Pieces: Set up the chess pieces as follows:

    • Each player has two rows of pieces in front of them.
    • The back row from left to right: Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Rook.
    • The front row consists of eight pawns.
    • Piece Placement:
    • Ensure that the queens are placed on their matching-colored squares

Movement of Chess Pieces

Each type of chess piece moves differently:

  1. Pawn:
    • Pawns move forward one square at a time.
    • Pawns capture diagonally.
    • On their first move, pawns have the option to advance two squares.
  2. Rook:
    • Rooks move horizontally (left/right) or vertically (up/down) across the board.
    • They can move any number of squares in these directions.
  3. Knight:
    • Knights move in an L-shape: two squares in one direction (horizontal or vertical) and then one square perpendicular to the first two.
    • Knights can jump over other pieces on the board.
  4. Bishop:
    • Bishops move diagonally across the board.
    • They can move any number of squares in this direction.
  5. Queen:
    • Queens combines the powers of rooks and bishops.
    • They can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and can cover any distance in those directions.
  6. King:
    • Kings move one square in any direction: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
    • The king is the most critical piece, and its capture results in the end of the game.

Special Rules and Moves


A special move involving the king and one of the rooks. It allows the king to move two squares toward a rook and then the rook moves to the square through which the king passed. Certain conditions must be met for casting to be allowed.

En Passant:

A pawn capture that can occur when a pawn moves two squares forward from its starting position and lands beside an opponent’s pawn. The opponent’s pawn can capture the moving pawn as if it had only moved one square forward.

Pawn Promotion:

When a pawn reaches the opposite end of the board (the eighth rank for white, the first rank for black), it can be promoted to any other piece (except a king), typically a queen.

Winning the Game

The game is won by checkmating your opponent’s king. This means putting the opponent’s king in a position where it is under attack and cannot move to any square without being captured. If a player’s king is checked, they lose the game.


Muslim scholars tend to place chess, a skill-based game, in a different category from games of chance, such as dice, but frown upon it if it distracts a person from performing the five daily prayers. Placing bets under any circumstances is forbidden.


  • Improves self-confidence and self-worth
  • Increases attention span
  • Increases memory capacity
  • Encourages understanding of choice and consequences for problem-solving helps students realize that they are responsible for their actions and must accept the consequences of those actions
  • Offers a logical pattern and critical-thinking system
  • Provides competition, fostering interest, and promotes mental alertness
  • Offers a variety of quality analytical problems from which to choose
  • Teaches good sportsmanship
  • Improves communication through written and oral presentation skills
  • Creates a learning environment organized around games, which is one of the most motivational tools in a teacher’s repertoire to encourage problem-solving and spend time quietly immersed in logical thinking.


  • Chess is a difficult game to play
  • It takes more time
  • Not everyone knows the rules of chess
  • unforgiving game
  • it gives stress
  • “Lose yourself in the game.
  • Varients are not good alternatives







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