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ICC Men’s World Cup 2023: A Battle for Cricket Supremacy


ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 is an upcoming event. This event is the most significant in cricket history. All world cricket teams participate in this mega event. This mega event provides a thrilling action to people. People will enjoy this mega event. All the people of the world are waiting for this super-action mega event. This mega event provides full-action entertainment to the public. This tournament represents the 13th edition of the Men’s World Cup. ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 promises to deliver an exhilarating showcase of cricketing talent and unite fans from around the world in celebration of the sport. The ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 is expected to showcase thrilling cricket matches and bring together cricket fans from different nations to celebrate the spirit of the game.


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Venu of World Cup 2023:

The event can mark the first time that India has hosted the tournament on its own after having co-hosted previous tournaments.ICC World Cup 2023 matches are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow Dharamsala, and Pune.ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 will be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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History of World Cup:

The inaugural Cricket World Cup took place in 1975 in England. The first three matches of the tournament were officially known as the Prudential Cup.

During these early days of the Cricket World Cup. Hence, each player received an allotment of 60 overs, and they donned traditional white uniforms while using red cricket balls. All the matches were scheduled to take place during daylight hours. In the earlier years of the Cricket World Cup, this grand cricketing event featured only eight participating teams. Furthermore, as time passed, there was a significant increase in the number of participating teams. By the time the 2007 Cricket World Cup arrived, a total of 16 teams eagerly participated in this thrilling competition.

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Preparing for the Showdown:

The road to the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 is filled with excitement and anticipation. Teams from different cricketing nations are leaving no stone unturned in their preparations. From rigorous training sessions to strategic planning, every aspect is being scrutinized to ensure optimal performance on the biggest stage.

ICC Rules:

Starting June 1, 2023, we will implement significant updates to the playing rules, coinciding with the Lord’s Test match between England and Ireland

Soft signal:

So on-field umpires will consult with the TV umpire before making any decisions, eliminating the need for them to give a soft signal when referring decisions to the TV umpires.

icc rules


In international cricket furthermore, certain high-risk positions, including when batters are facing fast bowlers, when wicketkeepers are up close to the stumps.

Runs off a Free Hit: 

In cricket, if the ball hits the stumps during a Free Hit, we’ll still count any runs scored off it as part of the team’s score. This is to make sure that all runs from a Free Hit are counted the same way, keeping things consistent.

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What is the new batter rule in ICC?

Whenever a fielder catches out a batter, the new batter will come in from the same end as the striker who was just dismissed

According to Law 24.6 of the game, the ball can bounce twice.

What is the ICC rule on no ball?

f the bowler delivers a ball that comes to a stop in front of the striker’s wicket line without making contact with the batter or their equipment. Therefore the umpire will announce it as a “No ball” and promptly signal it as a Dead ball.


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The Road to Glory:


Can a batsman cover all stumps?

Thus that’s because there isn’t a specific rule stating that a batsman must take a particular position in front of the stumps.


Key Players to Watch in ICC CWC 2023:

The key player is one of the most important players in a team. In team Pakistan BABAR AZAM (C) is the key player of Pakistan team.

key player

ICC ODI Ranking :

Pos Team T Matches M Points P Rating R
1 Australia AUS 25 3,014 121
2 Pakistan PAK 26 3,061 118
3 India IND 38 4,374 115

ICC Players Ranking:

Pos Player Team Rating
1. (2) Babar Azam PAK 865
2. (1) Virat Kohli IND 857
3. (0) Rohit Sharma IND 825

ICC Bowler Ranking :

Rank Player Rating Career Best Rating
1 Josh Hazlewood Australia 705 733 v England, 26/01/2018
2 Mitchell Starc Australia 686 783 v New Zealand, 29/03/2015
3 Matt Henry New Zealand 667 691 v Bangladesh, 26/03/2021


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